Pet Owners- What to Expect

Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasounds are diagnostic exams that use high-frequency sound waves to capture live images of inside the body. Ultrasound scans are safe, painless, and non invasive, and enable our doctors to visualize your pet’s internal organs as well as other soft tissue structures.

Setting Up an Appointment

Your primary veterinarian will contact us to set up the appointment. To ensure that we can provide the best care for your pet, your veterinarian will also submit the patient’s medical history for our review prior to the appointment. In most cases, we are available the same day, and if not, the very next day.  We are available Monday-Friday.

Prior to Appointment

The patient must be fasted at least twelve hours overnight (water is allowed). Food and gas can make imaging organs and structures difficult. Prior to our arrival, your veterinarian will determine if medications for anxiety are required during the scan.  On rare occasions, mild sedation may be necessary for a thorough ultrasound.

Owner’s Presence During Exam

Owners are more than welcome to be present during the exam, however, please be sure to inform your veterinarian so that we can accommodate you and your pet.

Exam Process

The ultrasound will be performed by one of our six highly trained veterinarians. Your pet will be shaved in the areas necessary for the specific scan needed - side of the chest for an echocardiogram and underside of the belly for an abdominal ultrasound. Our veterinarians will also have an assistant with them, who is responsible for comfortably restraining the patient, while they lay on a padded holder. Alcohol or gel is used during the exam, which help the doctors visualize the appropriate organs and structures. The ultrasound scan time expectancy is about twenty to thirty minutes. After the scan is complete, we will discuss our findings with your veterinarian and determine the best treatment plan for your pet’s care.


Our doctors will finalize the written ultrasound report within twenty-four hours of the exam which will be then sent to your veterinarian for review. The reports include clips and images, along with our doctor’s detailed interpretation of what is visualized. The images and clips can also be viewed by your veterinarian through an emailed link that is sent during the finalization of the report. After reviewing our ultrasound report, your primary veterinarian will discuss the specific findings with you and the next steps of your pet’s treatment plan.

If your current veterinary hospital does not utilize MiVU services, they can easily contact us to set up an account!